Dutch Police training Eagles to combat air threats including drones

Eagles are fiery animals. They will snatch at everything they think they can eat. Strength in their flight, power in their claws and agility in their movement make them a fearful opponent. Building on these credentials, the Dutch police had an idea.


PHOTO: pgcpsmess

They recognized an Eagle’s strength as a fearful predator and decided to use it to hunt down drone cameras and other aerial threats.

The video above shows how easily and brutally an Eagle and take down a drone camera.

Dutch police have started the venture with a Denmark-based company called Guard From Above. The company specializes in raptor training. There are some concerns though, primarily about the safety of the birds.

The spokesperson for the Dutch police has said that their primary concern is safety of the eagles. They recognize that eagles can seriously damage themselves from a drone’s blades.

It will be clear if the experiment is a success in a couple of months. Dutch police is looking for other solutions to nullify the unwanted drones hovering above. After running extravagant tests and mapping out every consequence, the Dutch police will decide if the scheme will be officially adapted or not.


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