A jean that would slim your thighs, nurture your skin

The creative fashion company Guess is on the market with another banger. This time their amazing product is Jeancare – that not only slims your thighs but also nurtures your skin. Jeancare is not just a denim, it is a skincare product as well.



Guess calls it their “Slimtex Technology”. It slims your thighs, hips, calves and practically every other area the jean touches. Moreover it also nourishes your skin. The fabric used by the manufacturing includes vitamin E, an extract that circulates your blood flow.

Guess had huge success with their jet set, exercising equipment and yoga jeans. The brand, focusing on technology + healthcare, decided to enhance their product line and introduce something completely unprecedented. The brand says they wanted people to both “look good and feel good”.



A company representative explained how they went about designing Jeancare. Guess wanted to keep it simple and initially thought of it as a fashion product only. They wanted to create something new. “Everyone owns a pair of jeans, denim is an integral part of everyday wear, we wanted to capitalize on it and make enormous strides in developing a novel jeans.” Guess’ rep told us further that after coming up with the idea, the company decided to keep the design very simple and let the “sci-fi” fabric become its own selling point.

However, a marketing expert told Suggestive.com that Guess is not “going crazy” to advertise Jeancare. Relativity few people know about their Jeancare product line and more people know that Gigi Hadid is their brand ambassador.

Whether Guess unique denim jeans becomes a success or not, only time will tell. Nevertheless, the brand’s creative approach and unique products are already turning some heads in both technology and fashion industry.

Jeancare collection is available in a price bracket ranging from $58 to $128. The collection is available on Guess’ official website.

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