31 Jaw Dropping Music Festival Highlights

6. Daft Punk Returns to US Shores with a Spellbinding Party

At the Coachella 2006, Daft Punk staged a memorable comeback that made the 9-year wait all worth it. The duo delivered their signature genius electro music in perfect coordination with a wild LED light show extravagance.

Via nxnylive.com

Via nxnylive.com

5. Jimi Hendrix Makes the National Anthem His Own

At Woodstock ’69, legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix drove the audience to a profound moment of patriotism when he reconstructed Star Spangled Banner. At that moment, the national anthem was not just a song people sang at events, it was a pivotal moment for half a million people. It was one of the most important moments in the history of music.


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