20 NFL Players Who Are Smarter Than Most Human Beings

1. Jason Garrett

When Troy Aikman the interim head coach of Dallas Cowboys met Jason Garrett, he was impressed with his intellect. Troy stated that Garret can do anything he want, can become anything he want, “even if he wanted to become United States president” – due to his astonishing acumen and wisdom. As a player and head coach, Garrett has secured similar endorsements.


PHOTO: Senior Bowl

Garrett studied at Princeton University through scholarship. He played football for various teams from 1990 – 2004. In 2010 after various coaching stints, he was signed as a head coach of Dallas Cowboys. There are NFL retirement speculations around Garrett. But given his high IQ, it won’t be a problem for him to land another job.


Jason Garrett with his wife Brill Garrett. (PHOTO: FabWags.com)

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