15 Video Games That Were Banned For Intriguing Reasons

9. Homefront

Homefront is understandably banned in South Korea. The game depicts an alternate reality scenario where a unified Korea attacks mainland United States after Kim Jong-un united the country under northern rule and conquered Japan as well. The game was released when tension of the Korean peninsula was elevated bringing in a wall of controversy and speculation. Japan censored any names referencing North Korea and its leaders while South Korea decided to have nothing to do with the game in its entirety.


South Korea was not pleased with the game depicting an united Korea under the rule of the north – nor were they willing to antagonize North Korea with what would be seen as propaganda. Despite the massive controversy surrounding the game, Homefront: The Revolution is a sequel that is to be released in May of this year. It’s safe to say that similar censorship and bans are in store for that release as well.


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