15 Video Games That Were Banned For Intriguing Reasons

5. Manhunt 2

Of course the mere announcement of Manhunt 2 drew criticism from those that couldn’t stand the existence of the first game in the series. Manhunt 2 was so gruesome that it received an Adults Only rating in the United States, forcing Rockstar to make edits to the game (No major gaming platform currently allows AO games on their systems) which would have practically banned the game. The sequel is even more violent with an even darker plot than its predecessor.


The list of countries where Manhunt 2 is banned causes the game to stand out – as it’s rather large! Despite the controversy the game still has a cult following that could one day lead to a Manhunt 3 being published by Rockstar. Many hardcore fans seek out the AO rated version to experience Manhunt 2 at it’s gruesome..umm..purity? Yeah, let’s go with that. It’s hard to imagine another gaming series receiving the mainstream push back that Manhunt has.


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