Surprising Health Benefits of Drinking Beer

6. Confidence Boost

British researchers found that the more drinks people consumed, the more attractive they found themselves. Seems obvious right? In a second study, the same researchers asked participants who had consumed either beer or non-alcoholic beer to give a short speech. When asked to evaluate how good-looking, smart, and funny they felt they were during their speech, it was found that both study groups were self-assured. Meaning that regardless of if you’re actually buzzed or not, the act of drinking real or fake beer gives you an instant confidence boost.

7. Better Vision

Now we all know blurred vision is a side effect of a few too many brews, but what about if you just have a couple? Canadian researchers found that one beer a daily, preferably a lager or a stout, will increase antioxidant activity. This can stop cataracts from forming in the eyes.

8. Lower Blood Pressure

We all know what type of health problems can arise if you suffer from high blood pressure. In a study conducted by Harvard researchers it was found that moderate beer drinkers are less likely to develop high blood pressure.  This was in comparison to those who prefer wine or cocktails. So grab a beer and let it work its magic.

9. Fight Off Infection

According to a study conducted at Oregon Health & Science University having one or two drinks a day could boost your immune system and help fight off infections. They discovered this by vaccinating monkeys against against smallpox and giving some access to booze and others access to sugar water. It was found that those who drank moderately had better responses to the vaccine than those who drank the sugar water.

But the animals that drank heavily—you may now imagine a totally tanked chimp—had less of a response to the vaccine than those who kept their habit under control.

10. Bone Health

Aside from the fact you may fall and brake something while inebriated, a couple of beers a day could strengthen your bones. According to a study at Tufts University guys who drank one to two beers a day had up to 4.5 percent greater bone density than non-drinkers. But be careful, because more than two beers a day was associated with up to 5.2 percent lower density. Another reason to drink in moderation and enjoy the effects of a happy medium.

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