Surprising Health Benefits of Drinking Beer


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Now you’re probably thinking to yourself, how the heck can beer be good for you? Little do many know that there are many health benefits to enjoying a beer every once in a while. From heart health to wits, here are 10 reasons to have a beer right now.

1. Heart Health

Now wine usually gets all the credit when it comes to boozy ways of cutting back your cardiovascular disease risk, but beer can be just as beneficial. Italian researchers have found that moderate beer drinkers have 42% lower risk of heart disease compared to non-beer drinkers. For maximum benefits, cut yourself off after one pint that contains 5% ABV.

2. Brain power

OKAY, so we all know after like 7 beers there is no such thing as brain power. But drink a couple brews and try to solve a puzzle? You got this. A study of 40 men watched a movie while completing verbal puzzles, and the beer buzzed fam solved the problems a few seconds faster than their sober counterparts. So drink up and let the creativity flow.

3. Prevent Diabetes

So if you can somehow manage to stick to just one or two beers during happy hour, you now have lowered your risk for type two diabetes. Need proof? Dutch researchers analyzed 38,000 male health professionals. They found that the men they studied drank in moderation over the course of four years and were significantly less likely to be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes than their nondrinking friends.

4. Kidney Health

So if you drink a beer daily, you are at a lower risk of passing a kidney stone anytime soon.  Researchers can’t really explain the link between drinking and fewer kidney stones but speculate it has something to do with the frequent bathroom trips that come with having more than a few beers. They also suspect that the hops in beer may be responsible as they help slow the release of calcium from your bones.

5. Workout Recovery

Now this seems a little out of the ordinary. In a study of what’s more hydrating after a workout puts your body temp at about 104 degrees, it was found that students who drank beer instead of water were more hydrated. May I suggest a post workout pint?

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