McDonald’s fails Rick & Morty Fans with Szechuan Sauce Stunt

Rick craving that Szechuan sauce

Photo: Adult Swim

As many Rick & Morty fans know, Szechuan Sauce has been in high demand since the release of season three. The number one show amongst millennials, Rick & Morty, showcased the sauce in the season premiere on April Fools day. In response to the episode, Rick & Morty co-creator, Justin Roiland, received an industrial-size bottle of the sauce. Szechuan Sauce was originally only available in 1998 as a promotion for the Disney movie, Mulan. Many fans cried out to McDonald’s begging for its return, craving to try the sauce for themselves.

Petition for Sauce

In an attempt to bring back the sauce, Rick & Morty fans started a petition. The petition drew about 45,000 supporters who like Rick, were “Driven by finding that McMugget Sauce.” Rick & Morty fans weren’t going to stop until they got their hands on that Szechuan Sauce. Luckily for them, McDonald’s announced last week that it was bringing the limited-edition sauce back for one day.

Not Enough Sauce

On October 7th, McDonald’s brought back the beloved Szechuan Sauce for one day. Thousands of people showed up at specific McDonald’s locations and waited in line for hours. The Szechuan sauce episode had over 11 million viewers and many of them were left empty-handed. Unfortunately, the demand for the sauce was deeply underestimated. Some locations reported to only have received 20 sauce packets, whereas other locations received no sauce at all.

Disappointed fans rallied in a rage and protested the lack of the much-anticipated sauce. In many cases, the police had to get involved.

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