Man Breaks Into Five Guys to Make Burger

They are calling him the Hamburglar. 

A man broke into a Washington, D.C. Five Guys restaurant to make himself a burger. You read that right.

Police are baffled. The man did not want money or equipment to sell. He just wanted a burger.

Some are hailing him as the unsung hero of the munchies. Other people are calling him a terrible criminal. “Who takes a burger without looting for cash?,” they ask. The Hamburglar does.

Sometime between the hours of 3am and 5am this past Friday, the unknown hero of stoners everywhere snuck into the restaurant. Apparently, he snuck in behind a delivery man. He waited in the shadows until the delivery man completed his task.

Next, the mysterious Hamburglar helped himself to some refreshing soda. Hero work is hard after all. Next, he did the unthinkable. He made himself a plain cheeseburger.

Look at that face in the video. This is not the face of a man who cares. He wears no mask. He looks directly at the camera at certain points of the footage. He even takes a phone call while he puts some buns on the grill. Before leaving with the sandwich, he took a water bottle to go. After all, you need stay hydrated after pulling off the crime of the century.

It is unknown what type of sandwich the unmasked Hamburglar left with, but we know that he was no longer hungry.

The police currently have no leads as to the identity of the unmasked Hamburglar. They are not sure if his hunger pains will strike another restaurant. If you do see this man, there is a $1,000 reward being offered by DC Crime Stoppers for a tip that leads to an arrest.

Considering the theft of the burger, the soda, and the water retailed for a little more six or seven bucks, the $1,000 reward is not a bad price.

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