How BrainStyles Motivate Your Employees

You may be asking yourself, what are BrainStyles? Founder Marlane Miller has taken the common, “left brain, right brain” approach to personality tests and created BrainStyles. BrainStyles make it super easy to determine what motivates you and your employees. Similar yet more simple than the Myers-Briggs Type indicator, BrainStyles can be used to help make important business decisions. It can also be extremely useful when hiring new personnel. The Knower, The Conciliator, The Conceptor, and the Delliberator are the four BrainStyles you can use to identify your coworkers.

Right Brain, Left Brain, BrainStyles

“I’ve personally found the BrainStyles concept to open a rich, untapped resource of diversity within our work group. The rewards were definitely worth the time and energy investment.” – Tom A. Muccio, Vice President, Procter & Gamble Worldwide

Knowing how your colleagues tick is very important in developing roles and responsibilities within your team. It is also essential when attempting to influence a team member to act in a certain way or perform a task. Being able to identify your employees BrainStyle can increase your managerial productivity and make your team more effective as a whole. Learn more about the four BrainStyles below:

The Knower

For The Knower, left brain thinking is the norm. The Knower is logical, quick on their feet, and super analytical. They’re usually the first to see a new solution to an age old problem and won’t be afraid to tell you their thoughts (and they’re usually right). Unfortunately this can lead to others thinking the Knower is cold hearted and unemotional. The Knower is highly competetive and not very tolerant to coworkers who work at a slower pace then them.

The Conciliator

Conciliators are heavily focused on right brain thinking and have a tendency to live in the moment. With that being said, they respond more emotionally than analytically to new situations. They are creative, responsive, and extraordinarily inventive. Conciliators are the absolute best at interpersonal relationships and thrive meeting new people. They love networking online or in person and could talk for days. They’re great when it comes to new situations and cope well with challenges. The downfall of the Conciliator is that they need constant reassurance that they’re doing a good job to keep them motivated. A project can quickly go sour if they don’t get the recognition and support that they need.

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