How BrainStyles Motivate Your Employees

The Conceptor

The Conceptor BrainStyle has the ability to access both right and left side of their brains equally, providing an extremely powerful mix of structure and emotion. Conceptors are hightly analytical and emotional, and have a tendency to talk above the other BrainStyles capacity. This is not a huge problem though as they open the door for new and fun communication. Conceptors are the most likely to come up with new and brilliant ideas that are completely original and new to the problem. They make the best contributions to the workplace and keep the work flowing in the right direction. Like the Conciliator, Conceptors need recognition as they will feel a bit isolated without it. Conceptors are risk takers and will carry an idea from start to finish. They march to the beat of their own drum and will often try to convince their coworkers to follow suit.

The Delliberator

The most balanced of the four BrainStyles is the deliberator. This BrainStyle loves analyzing, planning and finding the most rational solutions to some of the most complex situations. It can take some time for a Delliberator to arrive at a logical solution and they typically have the most rational solutions of all the BrainStyles.

Knowing what BrainStyles will be most effective in your work environment is important. Knowers make good supervisors, Conciliators do fabulously working with people, Conceptors are usually your more inventive type, and deliberators are the most level headed ones you want calling all the shots. With practice, you can learn to categorize your coworkers by BrainStyle. Once you know who they are, you can stop trying to change them or putting them in situations where they cannot shine.

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