15 Exotic Foods You Should Try at Least Once in Your Life

14. Palolo

Palolo is a species of coral worms that can be found in the waters of the South Pacific Ocean. Samoan fishermen are known to simply scoop the worms out of the water and eat them fresh. They can also be eaten sauteed in butter and spread on toast, much like a bright blue-green pate.

Photo: Mr. Lava Lava

Photo: Mr. Lava Lava

15. Salo

Salo is a Ukrainian treat, which, to put it simply, is actually pig fat. It can be prepared many ways – raw, boiled, smoked or fried. The Russians, however, have devised the perfect way to eat it – rubbed with garlic, served on bread, and with a healthy side of vodka.

Photo: Dead Programmer's Cafe

Photo: Dead Programmer’s Cafe

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