10 Signs You Might Have Kidney Cancer

9. Lump around abdominal region

A lump in the abdomen, side or back is a serious sign of kidney cancer. This lump can be a stiff bulge under the skin that will most definitely hurt if you press it. Sometimes the lump in the kidney cannot be felt severely because kidneys are “buried” deep in the abdomen. In Some cases, you feel pain and just some skin irritation no physical evidence of a bump.



If you tell your doctor about abdominal pains, he will order a CT scan and other tests. These tests will clear out the situation. Your doctor will know if it is a cancerous tumor, and the sooner it is discovered, the better.

An important thing to remember is that not all tumors or lumps are cancerous. But they still need to be treated all the same.


PHOTO: Wise Geek

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