10 Signs You Might Have Kidney Cancer

Cancer is treatable. Especially if you find it early. If you or a loved one has contracted cancer, it is not the end. You can beat this menace if you are well-prepared. Cancer symptoms start showing themselves early – but only faintly.

Kidney cancer, medically called Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC) first becomes noticeable in urine or lower-back. Kidney cancer is one of the ten most common “equal-gender” cancers meaning it is found in both men and women alike. This form of cancer can even lead to uncomfortable symptoms in some very sensitive regions of your body, like your genitals.



While kidney cancer is usually found in people over 60 years of age, it’s never too early to check for symptoms. It is subtle but traceable.

Here are ten most common symptoms of kidney cancer that can give you a head start on defeating the disease. And if you are showing ANY of the following symptoms, consult your doctor immediately, do not leave anything to chance.

Read these symptoms carefully, they could save your life.

10. Lower back pain

Lower back pain is very common and often non-threatening. Sometimes we sleep in the wrong position and wake up with a back pain. Sporting injuries, driving non-stop for hours, standing up continuously for longer periods of time – all of this can cause back pains.


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In addition to that, almost 30% of 40+ years old people complain of back pains. But the question is if back pain is such a ‘run of the mill’, how do we associate it to a cancer symptom?

It is simple, if the back pain is due to simple muscle degeneration you will know, it is a gradual process that often comes with age – so no worries there. But if the pain starts shooting up out of nowhere then you should get it checked.

More than 40% of people diagnosed with RCC complain of back pains. They differ in intensity and duration. Some people claim they have shooting pains that disappear after a while and keep reappearing. While others say that have a slight but constant pain in their lower back.


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