5 Skin Care Fails Everybody Should Stop Doing Right Now

Everyday your skin is exposed to harsh elements like pollution, sun exposure, and debris on the daily. Naturally, you want to keep your skin healthy and glowing, but not everybody knows how. Here are five skincare fails that we all fall victim to at one point or another. Do your best to avoid these to keep your skin happy. 

Not applying enough sunscreen

We should all be using sunscreen daily, but we don’t always do so. Sun protection is key for both skin health and anti-aging as the sun is the number one cause of preventable skin aging. When applying sunscreen, make sure to apply generously. It’s recommended to use a shot glass full to cover your whole body. And don’t forget to do it daily!

Not washing your face at bedtime

Everybody falls victim to this fail at least once or twice in their life (sometimes once or twice a week!). Get in the habit of washing your face before your head hits the pillow. It helps remove dirt, oils, and debris from air pollution and makeup. 

Picking at blemishes and touching your face

It can be hard to resist picking at that pesky pimple that popped up in the middle of your forehead, but touching your face with hands that are dirty is a big no. It spreads bacteria that is living on your hands all over your face. Do your best to just treat the zit and let it sit. 

Overusing products with retinol

Retinoids are adored by skincare aficionados for its ability to enhance collagen production, smooth skin, and even pigmentation. However, too much of a good thing can make it into a bad thing. Retinol is too overpowering for those with sensitive skin in most cases and should be used sparingly if at all. 

Not drinking enough water

Drink more water! Dehydration causes sallow and lifeless skin. Try to drink about half your weight in ounces of water a day. Doing so will not only help you glow, but you’ll feel better all around. 

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