Does Saging your Space Really Cleanse Your Home?

Saging is a traditional technique used to cleanse your home and clear out any negative energy you may be experiencing in your space. The act of saging has it’s roots in the Native American tradition of smudging. The idea stems from the idea that energy is all around us – it’s in people, places, and even objects. So does it truly work? And if it does, how do you do it? 

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History of Saging your Space

Sage burning, or smudging, is a sacred practice that can be traced back through many cultures, over thousands of years. The idea is that smoke is purifying because it captures the “bad energy” and then “ascends to the heavens.” Incense or herbal smoke is most commonly used – be it by Buddhists, Catholics, Maoris, or Native Americans.

For some cultures, such as those in Europe, smudging also had more practical purposes. For example, it was used as a way to fumigate parasites and bugs from animals and people. For Native Americans, smudging has long been a ceremonial tool to cleanse a person or a space.

Sage is viewed as a powerful herb for driving away negative energy, thoughts, and worries.

How To Sage Your Home

First, open your windows so the negative energy can leave your space. Upon opening your windows you can light the sage, but don’t leave it aflame. Blow out the fire so that all that remains is the smoke and incense. Once your sage stick is smoking, walk about your space and wafti the smoke around. Make sure that you take special care to get the smoke in the corners and crevices of your space. When saging your whole home, you’ll want to go room by room, ending up at a door to the outside. It’s supposed to be a spiritual process, so take your time, let go of your inhibitions, and let the smoke screen take over. Once you’ve completed take a second to unwind and be free. 

When should you sage?

There’s no ideal time to sage, just whenever you’d like to clear the negative energy from your space. There is no right or wrong time to do it. If you’re thinking about saging, it’s probably time. It’s also a really good idea to do it once you move into a new space, as it will allow you to get rid of negative energies past tenants may have left behind.

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