5 Delicious Apple Recipes You Need To Try This Fall

Apple Cinnamon Ginger Kombucha | Photo: Living Well Kitchen

Photo: Living Well Kitchen

3. Apple-Ginger Kombucha

Spicy and sweet in one fizzy glass, this fermented beverage keeps your stomach happy & your taste buds even happier!

Feeling like apple cider, but with a twist? I imagine this Apple-Ginger Kombucha would be super tasty with a splash of bourbon in it. (may I suggest Bullet?) If you think you don’t like kombucha I suggest you give this one a try. As noted in the recipe, feel free to add a little extra maple syrup if you’re new to brewing your own kombucha.


Apple & Brie Stuffed Chicken | Photo: Byte Sized Nutrition

Photo: Byte Sized Nutrition

4. Apple & Brie Stuffed Chicken

This Sheet Pan Apple & Brie Stuffed Chicken is elegant enough for a special occasion, but easy enough to whip up for a no-fuss weeknight meal.

I am the ultimate brie lover. Give me any recipe with brie and I won’t be afraid to try it. I once even tried brie, honey, and rosemary quesadillas (they were gross 0/10 would recommend). For this recipe aka food hack you’ll only use one pan, meaning minimal clean-up required! Plus, if you line your baking sheet with parchment paper or non-stick foil, you’ll essentially be scot-free of dirty dishes. It doesn’t get much better than that!


5. Butternut Squash & Apple Hash

Butternut Squash & Apple Hash | Photo: The Real Food Dietitians

Photo: The Real Food Dietitians

Start the day with this Butternut Squash and Apple Hash with Sausage and avoid the mid-morning face-plant-in-the-donuts sugar crash.

This butternut squash & apple hash is the perfect way to start a fall day. This warm, hearty, and satisfying meal will be sure to keep your blood sugars stable all morning long. It would also be perfect for a breakfast for dinner occasion. Add an egg for extra protein, prepare it ahead of time for the entire week, or freeze it up for later.


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