Meal Kit War: Blue Apron Vs. Home Chef


Online Features: Their website makes it really easy to customize your menu and add extra things to your order (a smoothie or a seasonal fruit basket.)  Home Chef gives you 11 meal options to choose from. Some recipes are identified as “staff pick”, “customer favorite”, or “gallery series”. They identify key ingredients that could be allergens, and label some items as calorie or carb conscious. At any time you alter your delivery to include more servings for an additional cost. They make it super easy to skip meals or pause your account.

Quality of Ingredients: Middle of the road

Creativity of Recipes: Not as creative as Blue Apron. Some recipes are simple that a home chef could make on their own. Some parts of each recipe are delivered to you already prepared.

Health Factor: These recipes are more obvious to whether or not they are calorie or carb conscious, but they don’t provide anything labeled as paleo or gluten free. Home Chef would be better for someone with dietary restrictions or food allergies.

Time: Most recipes will have you out of the kitchen within 30 minutes.

Packaging: They provided you with a Home Chef binder and each recipe is three hole punched for you to hang onto for future use. You get an individual bag for each recipe containing that recipes ingredients. This makes it super easy to open the fridge, grab the bag, and get cooking.


It goes without saying that there are some major differences between these two services. It’s hard to choose which one is *better*. What might be better for one person might not be for someone else. From price points to creativity of recipes, each family needs to decide what is more important to them. The best way to find out is to try one out and see how it fits into your family.

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