Game of Thrones Fan Theories That Are Actually Believable

Neither Jon nor Daenerys’ are “The Price That Was Promised”


If you’ve been paying attention to anything Melisandre has been preaching all these years, you know two things: The night is dark and full of terrors, and “the prince that was promised” will save humanity from the doom and darkness of the terrible night. According to “Game of Thrones” lore, this prince will be a reincarnation of the legendary Azor Ahai, a gifted warrior who saved the land from a long night thousands of years ago. Over the years the prince that was promised has been predicted to be Stannis, Daenerys, Jon, or even maybe even Jamie Lannister. But let’s open the door for the possibility that Daenerys and Jon have a child. Who would better fit the mold of “the price that is promised” than a child of mostly Targaryen blood?

Enjoy pondering these and the many other fan theories for the next two years. Until the final season of the series, predicted to arrive in 2019, remember Winter is Coming and nobody is safe.

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