Five Must-See Movies of 2018 that have been Released Thus Far

1. A Quiet Place

It’s reasonable to be skeptical of John Krasinski’s tastefully composed, PG-13 rated, Michael Bay-produced horror contraption. But Krasinski—here serving as writer, director and co-lead—manages to put a new twist on a familiar survival story with A Quiet Place. In a near-future overrun by hearing-enhanced monsters, humanity must stay completely silent in order to avoid detection and surefire death.

That scenario is the basis for the tale of the Abbott family, who in the aftermath of a tragic loss struggle to get by. All the while preparing for the impending arrival of a new member, courtesy of their pregnant matriarch (Emily Blunt). As you’d guess, the monsters have other plans. The political allegory component of the story isn’t particularly compelling — it’s been interpreted as a commentary on the hysteria of Trump era — but as a movie about parental anxieties, it’s steely and effective.

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